Anavilhanas is not simply a jungle lodge located in the Amazon: it is a part of it. With only 22 accommodation options divided between cottages and bungalows, Anavilhanas will make you feel in constant contact with the exuberant local nature. Your only concern will be to explore this World treasure as most as possible, with bilingual guides, on activities such as touring through the Anavilhanas Archipelago seeking for pink river dolphins, treks in the forest, nature spotting in the evening, kayaking, visits to local communities and more. This perfect combination of comfort and adventure makes the Anavilhanas the best jungle lodge option in northern Amazonia.

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Arriving by hydroplane is a unique experience, flying over the immensity of Anavilhanas archipelago with more than 400 islands.


A rustic interior decor, comfortable and full of charm is what you can expect from a room at Anavilhanas. There are only 22 of them with exclusive service:

Standart Cottages

There are 16 units, each of them 28sqm, suspended in stilt-like structures, and with private balconies with a beautiful view of the jungle. Each cottage accommodates up to 3 people.


These 39sqm units, also suspended, were built with glass walls to be completely integrated with nature, feeling like a part of it. All 4 bungalows have a spacious balcony which enhances your contact with nature while giving an unique exclusivity feel, and can accommodate up to 3 people as well.

Panoramic Bungalows

There are only 2 panoramic bungalows, each of them with 70sqm and a 10m long glass wall with views to the forest. The balcony with living room, as well as the bathtub, are the perfect place to rest after a full day exploring the Amazon. This is the only room that can accommodate up to 4 people.


Despite being located in the Amazon jungle, the structure of Anavilhanas has everything you are looking for: all rooms are equipped with Split air conditioning, hot shower, in-room safe, minibar, hair dryer, private balcony with a hammock, and electricity 24/7! Everything for you to be as comfortable as possible between the many activities available.

The swimming pool, overlooking the Negro river is an attraction in itself, and perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. If you’d prefer to swimming in the river, enjoy the floating deck on the edge of Negro river. Finally, enjoy the gastronomic variety provided by regional and international meals at the lodge, all cooked with fresh local ingredients.

Anavilhanas National Park, Amazonas - Brazil

Anavilhanas National Park is a Brazilian conservation unit located in Amazonas state, and is one of the largest existing freshwater archipelagos in the World. Contemplating about 400 islands, the park is located on the Negro river, near Jaú National Park. It was originally created as an “Ecological Station”, with an area of 350.018 hectares, and October 2008 it officially received the National Park status.


Anavilhanas has plenty of adventurous options for you to explore the Brazilian Amazon with comfort and flawless service. The region naturally presents visitors with a range of activities to contemplate nature, such as canoeing through the National Park searching for the pink river dolphings, treks through the jungle, piranhas fishing, night spotting, kayaking, and visits to local communities. A day aboard Anavilhanas Boat is a unique experience, in which you will sail in a large regional boat, visiting several islands, with a moment for a special lunch.


All packages at Anavilhanas include ground shuttles(Manaus / Anavilhanas / Manaus), picking guests up at the airport or any city hotel. These transfers have fixed schedules and the vehicles used are either vans or cars. The trip takes approximately 2h30m, and has some beautiful views which can be enjoyed en-route. If you choose to arrive by hydroplane, the hotel can recommend a trustworthy company.