Barraco Lodge is a 1940 restored house, surrounded by 60 hectares on natural beauty. Its traditions can be easily perceived in the smallest details, through the furniture developed by local. Barraco is perfect to unwind and relax. At the same time, there are plenty of activity options for those who don’t want to stand still: the hotel offers fishing excursions, helicopter flights, horseback riding and many trekking options, all for you to admire and interact with nature. After all, this is the propitious setting you’ll be in: a 50m hill on top of lake Tagua Tagua and Puelo River. In a few words, paradise with pure, crystalline waters.

SUL Hotels Tip: Get aboard for a helicopter panoramic flight over the beautiful Tagua Tagua lake, and to explore remote regions!


There are 3 houses with 7 accommodation options for a comfortable stay:

Casa del Lonko

The mains house, with 2 suites. Casa features a living room as the common area, sauna, bar with a barbecue grill, outdoor shower, wooden-heated hot tub, and an outdoor dining room on the terrace. A rustic style kitchen, oven and a grill overlooking the lake make up this beautiful house.
Tagua Tagua Suite - Inspired by the namesake lake in front of the hotel, Tagua Tagua is equipped with king size bed, wood burning stove, private bathroom and a spectacular view of the lake in a 45sqm area.
Bandurria Suite – Two single beds which can be put together to make a double, this 35sqm room has wood burning heater and private bathroom.

Familiar House

The perfect option for families and group of friends, this 90sqm house has a rustic style décor completely in keen with the Patagonian aesthetics. The house has its own deck with an outdoor Jacuzzi tub and 3 private bathrooms.
On the ground floor there is a small but comfortable room. Pudú suite has 12sqm, a queen size bed and private bathroom. Upstairs, there are two adjoining rooms each with a private bathroom, one with 15sqm and the other with 9sqm. These rooms can also be booked separately.

Edith House

This house has 2 separate suites:
Chinook Suite – A small living room with fir place and a panoramic view of the Puelo River in 54sqm.
Fario Suite - Double room with a wonderful view of Puelo River.


Barraco Lodge is much more than a mountain getaway. The hotel offers an excellent structure for you to make the most of your visit to Patagonia, from scenic helicopter flights, boat rides, Stand Up paddles, kayaks, sailing boats, ski equipment and fishing. Wherever you go next, you’ll bring some of the Barraco Lodge with you. The interior of the hotel is also to be praised. Starting with the barbecue area overlooking the lake, where you can indulge in the Patagonian cuisine and its famous barbecues. The, sauna, deck  and jacuzzi tub will be the perfect combination to relax after a day of outdoor activities.

Puelo, Andean Lakes, Northern Patagonia - Chile

Barraco Lodge is located on the border of Northern Patagonia, 110 kilometers from Puerto Montt and 80 kilometers from the Puerto Varas city. The surroundings are a true paradise: situated on a 50m hill embraced by Tagua Tagua Lake and Puelo Inferior River. The entire surrounding landscape is a flawless example of a glacial originated terrain, with the 80km long Reloncavi fjord as the highlight.

Patagonia is a real treasure keeper for fauna and flora. The most important tree species in the area is the Patagonia cypress, the highest and oldest native species in the Southern Hemisphere. Some trees next to Tagua Tagua Lake are approximately 3.500 years old! There are also several beautiful and exotic animals such as the: Chilean marsupial, pudú (the smallest deer in the world), Chiloe fox, Guinã (kodkod, the smallest cat of the Americas), coipo and more. This region is also famous for the ideal conditions for fishing.


Nature is ever-present, so activities are divided by the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. Choose your favorite and enjoy!

Earth: In a place amazing as Northern Patagonia, the options are limitless. There are 3 options of horseback rides up to 8 hours, deer and wild boar hunting, and 3 trekking possibilities.

Fire: Fire is present in most of the rooms with wood burning stove and in the delicious come-cooked food prepared at the lodge.

Water: Go on tours for wildlife observation and spot penguins, sealions and whales! Besides this nature spectacle, you can also sail from Hornopirén to Cahuelmó fjord, or from Tenglo to Mallen Island. If you prefer to go faster, try the Jet Boat activity on the Puelo Inferior river; upriver on the Manso or towards Caribe beach, where a delicious barbecue awaits you! Fishing is a big plus of Barraco Lodge as the hotel offers a helicopter ride so guests can access remote areas, perfect for the sport!

Air: You can enjoy many Patagonian adventures by helicopter. The Heli Climb in Huinay offers a climbing experience in one of the most impressive settings in the world. Heli Fishing takes you to otherwise inaccessible places in the Ventisquero and Traitor Rivers, where fishing is ideal and the scenery is wonderful, with the stunning hanging glaciers as background. Heli Kayak tour may take you to Gaivota Island, Bravo or Pinto Concha lakes, where you can ride inflatable kayaks. The Heli Trekking option offers 3 amazing options: from Pinto lake to the Yates volcano, the oldest Patagonian in the world and the Cochámo Valley.


There are several options to get to Barraco Lodge, most of which are offered by the lodge itself when booking in advance:

– From Santiago, Chile’s capital, it’s a 3h flight in a Cessna.

– From Puerto Montt a 35min helicopter flight will get you to the lodge.

– If you prefer to go by land, it’s only a 2h30m drive from Puerto Montt or 3h from Puerto Varas