EOLO Hotel is not simply located in Patagonia, it also brings to life the spirit of such as special place, with its Aboriginal roots, the culture of its first inhabitants as well as the Europeans who were there once, and the culture of adventurous travellers from all over the World, whom come there to visit this magnificent location.

Besides resting comfortably at the hotel, there are many other attractions to enjoy in Patagonia such as trekking, spotting wildlife and observing local flora, mountain bike and horseback riding, so you can get to know all the beauties of Valle de La Anita and its surroundings. An always-attentive staff, completely familiar with local customs, traditions and history, will be there to accompany you on this journey.

SUL Hotels Tip: A great way to experience the hotel’s surroundings, its green fields and stunning landscapes is on horseback, the most traditional Patagonian way of life!


There are 17 accommodation options: 12 Superior, 3 Premium and 2 Corner Rooms. All of them are very spacious and comfortable, and the views make your experience even more special, being either to the Argentine Lake, Valle de La Anita, Torres del Paine or Brazo Rico.


EOLO is a mountain hotel inspired by the old Patagonian resorts, but at the same time adding modern features to it, in a perfect combination. The structure was designed to experience and share the unique sensations and the pleasure that comes from simple beauty.

Enjoy a pleasant reading and find out more about Patagonia in the library, which in addition to having a vast book collection, also has a spectacular view of Torres del Paine.

The bar and restaurant combine the regional ingredients with techniques of international cuisine in a breathtaking environment with a beautiful view of Argentino Lake.

El Calafate, Patagonia - Argentina

The Argentinean Patagonia is a deserted area gifted with landscapes right out of a movie screen. Its glaciers are the main attraction: Perito Moreno, Upsala, Spegazzini and Onelli.

Eolo Lodge is located 30 minutes by car from El Calafate, in Valle de La Anita and on the east side of Cerro Frías, displaying the incredible Patagonian meadow in a 3000 hectares property. Besides the beautiful view of Argentino lake and the desert meadow, you can experience wild nature while uniquely connecting with Patagonian culture.

Due to the harsh Patagonian winter, the hotel operates only between October and April.


There are two ways to explore Patagonia: inside and outside of the hotel property.

On the inside, there is plenty of culture to absorb from the library books, informal but informative chats on glaciology, local flora and fauna, DVD’s, videos and thematic reports on indigenous traditions and customs.

Outside, you’ll experience hands on, and with lots of adventure. There are daily outings to explore Patagonia in many different ways.

There are excellent horseback riding outings in Cerro Frías, with different duration times and levels of difficulty, ensuring the perfect experience for you. On a mountain bike you can trail your own paths, as well as exercise while enjoying the cool Patagonian breeze. Last but not least, you can venture in treks surrounded by an always beautiful landscape, in the company of expert guides.

If you are looking for a lighter ride, join the group on bird watching activities and mapping of local flora and fauna.


The flight between Buenos Aires to El Calafate takes 3 hours. From El Calafate airport it takes 50 minutes by car to Hotel EOLO, driving through Highway N11, the same road that leads to Perito Moreno Glacier and Punta Bandera port. But do not worry about exact coordinates, the round-trip transfers to and from the airport are included in the package, according to your flight schedule.