Only a few places can make you feel as connected to the environment as the Hosteria El Peñon. The traditional, regional architecture of the hotel has been maintained with restorations limited to the interior in order to provide the guests with more space, light and comfort. The beautiful region of the Puna is home to a number of unique natural attractions, therefore offering many opportunities for an adventure. Whether you opt to explore the Laguna Grande with its iconic flamingos, the Antofalla Oasis, or the Galan volcanic crater, the Hosteria el Peñon offers you not only a place to visit, but an opportunity to have unforgettable experiences and bring home many stories to tell.


SUL Hotels’ Tip: Make sure to go on the “Puna Experience”, a 4 Day round-trip adventure from Salta of 1200 km of unspoiled nature!


El Peñon has 8 very comfortable and spacious rooms. The decor is simple, traditional, and in total harmony with the Puna desert. All rooms have a beautiful view of the Peñon Oasis, unique for its tall, green poplar trees lining the background of the Andes.


The Hosteria’s greatest asset is its simplicity, reflecting the location and main focus of the hotel.  Every detail was designed to be nothing more than an extension of the Puna desert, making you feel immersed 24/7.

Puna, Catamarca - Argentina

Puna de Atacama is a region of the Andes mountain chain and located on the same latitude as the Atacama Desert, stretching from Bolivia to Argentina. This means the Puna desert is very arid and has a high altitude. It is also home to the largest concentration of 6000m high volcanos in the Andes!

The Puna’s landscape will leave you in complete awe. It is one of the driest regions of the world, yet nearly always presents visitors with a beautiful blue sky, complimenting the colors of the desert and making for a truly unique view. Although the Puna is a deserted region, it is livened up with the various splashes of colour of black volcanic and red sedimentary rocks, a touch of yellow provided by the meadow, and the glaring whiteness of the salt flats.

Most of the magic of the Puna lies in the smallness of its population.  The largest cities of the area include San Antonio de los Cobres in Salta, with an approximate population of 5.500, and Antofagasta de la Sierra, in Catamarca, with less than 700. The sense of wildness and remoteness comes from ancient times, as these plateaus were once passing routes for the Incas, who were also pioneers in climbing the highest mountains in the region.


There are many natural wonders you can enjoy and experience in the Puna, all lead by professional guides who are experts on the region. The guides will take care of the organization and details of the journey, leaving you to focus solely on soaking up your surroundings and enjoy the overall experience.  Some of the tours on offer include:  Piedra Pomez Field (120km), Laguna Grande (110km) and Crater of the Galan Vulcano (150 km).


The nearest airport is in Salta. From there, it is a 6 hour drive to the hotel, preferably in a 4×4 vehicle. Hostería El Peñon is a great option for your next stop after visiting the Finca Valentina hotel, for those who have the time to explore northern Argentina.