The bonfire flames burn while you admire an amazing panoramic view of Campos de Cima da Serra valley. The hotel’s rustic style blends with the beautiful bucolic setting of Aparados da Serra National Park, and becomes part of the natural setting. The typical local meals, sided by the Gaucho barbecue, grilled on a bonfire. Next to the hotel is the largest set of Canyons in South America, which added to the starry sky, will make you feel part of something very special. Inside the farm property, you can explore incredible scenery with treks through pines forest and to the summit of Leão Baio Mountain, visiting the canyons, which can reach up to a 1000m high, and its magnificent waterfalls.

SUL Hotels Tip: Relax in the jacuzzi tub, in the sauna or even with the special treatments of the Spa Casa da Montanha by L’Occitane, all offering panoramic views of the vast fields of Campos de Cima da Serra.


There are 3 categories of accommodation, all inspired on the luxurious African tents used in Safari lodges, giving the hotel a camping vibe, but with all the comfort of a boutique hotel.

Superior Suite

The superior suite is a cozy mix of tent and cottage. Covered with Santa Fe thatch ceilings, this unit has an exclusive deck with a hot tub and an amazing fireplace. The panoramic view of Camarinhas River is a certainly a plus. The Superior Suite comfortably accommodates 2 people in a double bed and features air conditioning, minibar, thermal blanket, fully equipped bathroom, TV, DVD and sound system.

Tent Suite

A deck overlooking the exuberant nature and in the perfect spot to contemplate the sunset, with a Jacuzzi tub to relax in, Tent Suite offers utmost peace and quietness. With integrated bedroom and living room, this unit can accommodate up to 2 adults in a double bed, plus 2 children/teenagers in a sofa bed. The room is equipped with a heater, warm thermal blanket, ceiling fan, bathroom, TV and DVD.

Deluxe Tent

Simplicity can be luxurious, and this room is a definite proof of it. Going to bed while listening to the sound of river and waking up to birds singing on your window – is there a better example? In the Deluxe Tent, you can experience the feeling of camping, but with much more comfort. The room is equipped with thermal blanket, heater, ceiling fan and toilet. The shower is in the "Casa de Banho" (shower house), very close to the tent, with individual bathsrooms equipped with heating, hair dryer, mirror and slippers.


Parador’s structure is designed for you to relax and enjoy every bit of the farm. The thermal tents are one-of-a-kind in Brazil, fully equipped and designed to withstand the cold of the region. The goal is to make you enjoy nature and feel integrated into it, as if you were actually camping.

Inside, the social area has a stone-built fireplace, bar, pool table and a small movie theater. On the deck, a ground fire-pit area is ideal for stargazing and contemplating Parador’s surrounding nature with the burning wood as the soundtrack.

In the “shower room”, a jacuzzi tub and sauna allow you to relax with the beautiful view of Campos de Sierra Cima valley.

To enrich still more the experience, in the Casa da Montanha Spa by L’Occitane, treatments are available to relax body and mind with the use of natural products from the L’occitane line. There are two rooms for treatments and a room for relaxation, in alignment with the rustic charming architecture of the hotel and with a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Aparados da Serra, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Aparados da Serra is the largest complex of canyons in South America. The park starts around the small town of Urubici, ending between the cities of Cambará do Sul and São Francisco de Paula.

Along the mountain range there are 36 major canyons, Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza being the most uniquely beautiful ones, and very close to Parador hotel.

An unparalleled setting, surrounded by nature, Parador is located in a farm next to the largest canyons in Brazil, one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Cozy, rustic style and sophisticated at the same time, you will enjoy all the luxury that nature can offer, truly immersed into it, but with all the comfort. The panoramic views of the rivers, the pine forests and Camarinhas River are simply gorgeous, and will leave you astonished.


In doubt if you should relax in the jacuzzi tub or sauna, enjoy a social area and meet new people, or enjoy the fire-pit while contemplating nature? At Parador, you don’t have to choose.

With the hotel’s flawless structure you will not want to leave, but the outdoors are also worth it! The region of Aparados da Serra National Park is incomparably beautiful and can be explored by treks leading to canyons and waterfalls, by horseback riding and even a helicopter panoramic flight! All these tours can be booked through the hotel itself.

Parador Casa da Montanha (literally, Mountain House) was developed with rustic and charming decor, and its small details make all the difference when it comes to feeling connected to the surrounding nature. For those who are skeptic about the discomfort of camping, but like the general idea of being close to nature, Parador is the perfect combination. You can enjoy relaxing moments in a complete and comfortable lodge, while appreciating stunning views of in a unique setting.


Parador’s nearest airport is in Porto Alegre, a 3-hour drive away. Be careful if self-driving and using a GPS navigator or Google Maps: the shortest path has a very poor road and is not recommended (unless you’re driving a 4×4 vehicle). If you come through the town of Tainhas, follow the road and signs towards the center of Cambará do Sul, avoiding the road to Azulega. From Cambará do Sul it’s only 8km to the hotel.

If you prefer to get there faster, a quick helicopter flight  is the best good option. Plus, with the view from above the canyons, this is more than just a transfer, but an experience in itself.