Villa Kalango has the privilege of being located right next to the iconic Duna do Pôr do Sol (Sunset Dune), the postcard of Jericoacoara. The natural beauty in the area is simply breathtaking: the hotel is right on the beach of Jericoacoara, in a preserved area with beautiful ocean view. Its rustic style leaves you immersed in the beachy atmosphere, where you can enjoy many attractions such as trekking, sand quad rides, and sports such as kite and windsurfing. Of course, a place with so many cool things to do also has its relaxing moments and from Vila Kalango’s inviting swimming pool, you can admire the dune and the sun setting into the ocean!

SUL Hotels Tip: Rancho do Peixe offers complimentary access to Vila Kalango guests. Just 30 minutes away from Jeri, Rancho do Peixe is all-around peacefulness. To take advantage of it, Vila Kalango offers daily transfers to guests.


The hotel's rustic-style translates into comfort in all 24 accommodation options. There are 6 categories for you to enjoy Jeri your own way.

Standard Rooms

Near the hotel Frontdesk, these 30sqm units comfortably accommodates up to 3 guests in an air-conditioning room a beautiful view of the hotel garden.

Comfort Rooms

There are 4 units located on the hotel’s upper level, all overlooking the garden and tree canopies. They are more spacious than the Standards, with 45sqm and therefore can welcome up to 4 people – a great choice for families.


The 8 bungalows are spread over the hotel garden, offering closer contact with nature. Built in half-moon shapes, this category offers a comfortable and intimate accommodation, with air-conditioning. Bungalows can fit up to 3 people.

Upper-level Palafitas

If enjoy a beautiful view, you will love this room. There are 6 units of 28sqm, all wood-built on stilts made out of eucalyptus trees, and 3m high from the ground, to enjoy the 180 degree of Vila Kalango and the wonders of the region. Ideal for couples, there are 2 view options, one to the Sunset Dune and the other to the beautiful beach in front of the hotel.

Lower-level Palafita

A single unit in the hotel, this room has the exact same structure as the upper-level palafitas but is located on the ground level, overlooking the hotel garden.

Comfort Palafitas

If you like the idea of having the Palafita view but wants to stay with the family, the Comfort category can accommodate up to 4 people in 45sqm. With two balconies, one overlooking the sea and the other overlooking the dune, there are no bad views from this room.


Jeri is a windsurfing paradise, and you don’t have to be a professional to try your hands on this adventurous sport: Vila Kalango offers high-qualified instructors and World-class equipment so you can safely enjoy windsurfing in Jeri!

The combination of its rustic and simple style with utmost comfort, brings a unique feeling for Vila Kalango guests. All of the rooms were built with regional elements, providing a deeper connection with the place and promoting the talent and local handicraft culture.

The hotel offers free access to Rancho do Peixe, another charming boutique hotel located in Preá Beach, only a 30min drive along the beach from Jeri. At Rancho do Peixe you can also enjoy the best structure for wind sports, especially kitesurfing. There, you can also relax in a 25m long pool, try exotic cocktails and indulge in a great restaurant. Spending a day in Preá and then returning to Jeri is like living an endless dream.

Jericoacoara, Ceará - Brasil

Located in Ceará state, famous for its receptivity, lies a paradise in form of beach village called Jericoacoara. In 1994, the Worldly famous Washington Post surrendered itself to the natural beauty of Jeri and declared the place as one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet. In 2014, it was time for the Huffington Post to surrender and announce Jeri as the fourth best beach in the world.

Located inside Jericoacoara National Park, the beach was isolated from the rest of the world and inhabited only by fishermen up until 1985, when first visitors arrived. Since then, Jeri has been enchanting people from all over the world.


Visit the uniquely charming and picturesque village of Jericoacoara in a relaxing and cultural tour. Kite and Windsurfing are our recommendations for the adventurous travelers! Sand quad and horseback riding are a great option to explore the area natural beauties in style.