Caiman Ecological Refuge has the privilege of being located inside one of the biggest farms in all Pantanal area. By far the most comfortable hotel in the region, Caiman provides the perfect structure for you to live the best Pantanal experience. During the safaris, you will see a variety of birds and mammals. The “onçafari” project helps preserve and monitor the jaguars in the farm, which increases your chances of spotting this beautiful animal. The Cayman alligators, which gave name to the place, can be easily spotted, with all the safety of special vehicles and in the company of professional guides. You can also explore the Pantanal with activities such as biking and canoeing.

SUL Hotels Tip: If you have a few more days, combine your Pantanal trip with Bonito, another nature paradise only 2h30m away from Caiman.

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Caiman is certainly the most comfortable hotel in the Pantanal, with a unique structure for you to relax after a long day of outdoor activities.

Baiazinha Lodge

There are 6 standard superior rooms in the hosue, all with 23sqm, private bathroom, hot shower and a balcony to enjoy the unique view. Baiazinha is on the shores of a bay with clear waters in a naturally beautiful setting. The unique beauty and feeling of relaxation this place can offer will certainly dazzle you.

Cordilheira Lodge

There are 5 suites, being 3 of them with 30sqm and and the other two with 39sqm. All of them feature a living room, balcony and private bathroom with a an inviting hot tub and a balcony to stunning views of the wetlands. Cordilheira is located on the banks of a primary forest typical of Pantanal, which is called Cordilheira, hence its name. This also means you will be the closest possible to the beauties of the Pantanal fauna.


You will feel like a part of nature, inside or outside your room. The hotel is in one of the biggest farms in all Pantanal area, so you can live all the incredible experiences nature provides. If you enjoy seeing wildlife, you’ll love the safaris, and at Caiman you’ll experience an authentic everyday life of a typical Pantanal cattle farm. Moreover, if the sky is the limit, Caiman offers astronomy workshops for a complete nature interaction.

Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil

Founded in 1910, Miranda is a traditional cattle farm, and was the first step of what today is Caiman Farm. Annually, about 35,000 cattle are managed throughout beautiful natural pastures. At Caiman you can see this work up close, and live an authentic rural life experience.

The village has only 180 residents who actively participate in the hotel’s tours, creating an intimate atmosphere, welcoming to all visitors. The overall infrastructure is impressive, and environmental awareness is present in every activity.


Caiman offers a wide range of activities: the photographic and Jeep Safaris are the moment for you to spot Caiman alligators, jaguars and much more of the rich local fauna. The night spotting is a much different experience to explore the wetland and seeing animals of nocturnal habits. For those who enjoy keeping active, bicycles are canoes are available and are a great option to explore the place in a unique way. Remember to bring your binoculars so not to miss any detail of the Pantanal life!


From Campo Grande, where is the nearest airport, take the highway BR-262 towards Corumbá. At the Miranda roundabout, turn right onto the road leading to the town of Agachi. From this point, just follow the signs indicating the way to the Refúgio Ecológico Caiman. It is approximately 236 km and 3 hours and a half from Campo Grande. If you prefer to go by charter plane, there is an landing strip inside the property.