Reserve Ibitipoca is well known for the same reasons as Minas Gerais state, where it is located: receptivity and constant good mood. The hotel is located in the former headquarters of Engenho Farm, a renovated mansion full of history and surrounded by a beautiful green area. The local tradition can be noted in the architecture, gastronomy and in products made by local residents. The kitchen is typical and uses all organic ingredients, a perfect combo. Ibitipoca State Park brings all nature beauty to the hotel, with treks, waterfalls, and the opportunity to observe the rich local fauna.

SUL Hotels Tip: Make sure to go on the Pedra do Gavião (Hawk Stone) tour, a 1500 meters hike uphill, providing a unique view over Ibitipoca State Park.


The Ibitipoca Reserve suites, as well as the hotel, awaken a sense of back in time. The traditional style of the farmhouses is mixed with comforts and amenities, offering luxury in its simplicity. There are suite options in the main house, where meals are served to all hotel guests, and even more private suites in two more farmhouses.

Main House

At the farm’s main house are 8 bedrooms all very comfortable, fitting up to 2 guests, with options of 2 single beds or one king size bed. The furniture is unique, with a beautiful decor that values local craft and culture. The immersion in local culture is present even when you’re inside the rooms
All of the bathrooms in each room maintain the same standard of quality, with heated floor and towels, Victorian style hot tubs, special showers with central heating, customized Havaianas flip flops, hair dryer and comfortable bath robes.
The six Engenho Suites distinguish by its décor, which can be classic or contemporary. The Reserva Suite has a privileged view of the nature surrounding the hotel. In addition, the Grad Reserva suite is the biggest accommodation in the main house, with special romantic décor.

Carlinhos House

This typical farmhouse, just 100 meters away from the main house, was renovated in 2013, decorated with traditional handicrafts and providing a quiet and intimate atmosphere. Its 3 suites are large, being considered the best of the Reserva. The largest of them, is 70m² and is in front of the postcard of the hotel: the Pico do Gavião (Gavião Peak). It is a great choice for small groups and families.

Paiol House

This is the Reserva’s most exclusive option, also 100m away from the main house! It is a large wooden house inspired by a storehouse, with romantic and traditional decoration. They have 200sqm with living room connected with the kitchen and a single suite, with closet and surrounded by terraces.


Reserva do Ibitipoca is made of firm ideals, which became a reality: to become a reference in tourism with global visibility, providing sustainable development to the environmental and social preservation projects of Serra do Ibitipoca. This value is the main reason of flawless service.

Ibitipoca favors the use of locally produced ingredients. Milk, bread, molasses, corn meal, and vegetables are either produced in the hotel property or purchased from Serra do Ibitipoca farmers. Thus, in addition to promoting regional development, Reserva offers an authentic cultural experience and interaction with local tradition.

Speaking of tradition, the architecture of the hotel is notoriously traditional, including Engenho Farm (main house) itself, which despite having been rebuilt in 2008, shows the typical characteristics of the region in every detail.

Almost 100% of the staff is comprised of local residents, ensuring that Ibtipoca remains true to local traditions and customs.

Conceição do Ibitipoca, Minas Gerais - Brazil

This is not a regular place, but rather a region full of culture, history and beautiful nature that come together to create a very special setting. This is why Reserva do Ibitipoca is attached to many ideals of environmental preservation and social development. That specific goal is what brought them to open the doors for visitors, aiming to show the best of the region, bringing together other nature enthusiasts. To achieve such goals, everything in Ibitipoca is regional: from the milk and bread to architecture.


Ibitipoca is full of natural attractions that only a magical place can offer. The ride to the top of Pedra do Gavião (Hawk Stone) is a nature gift to visitors. After a beautiful walk, the ultimate reward: a view of Ibitipoca State Park at 1,500 meters high.

The Water Circuit can be done on horseback, by mountain bike or by foot, and goes through beautiful waterfalls and incredible natural pools to cool off. The same goes for Gruta das Andorinhas (the Swallow Grotto), a grotto with a unique waterfall.

A must-see cultural tour is to Arraial Mongol, going through a small traditional village in the region completely preserved with authentic local characteristics.

Last but not least, is Ibitipoca State Park with natural landscapes like cliffs, rocks, natural bridges, caves, waterfalls, typical local flora and more.


The hotel is located 510km away from Sao Paulo, 270km from Rio and 350km from Belo Horizonte. You can take a flight to Juiz de Fora airport and from there, a 1h30m transfer brings you to Reserva. There is also a landing strip onsite, for chartered small planes.