It’s time to have a fresh look of São Paulo. SPaventura Ecolodge is located in Ibiúna, one of the main organic and agricultural poles in the country. There you will find a lush nature, with large stretches of rainforest, trek options, a waterfall and lake, all just 75 km away from bustling São Paulo. The cottages embrace the surroundings, offering total immersion in nature with sustainable resources: reusable water, solar energy, waste sorting, organic agriculture and numerous other sustainable practices. For those into sports and nature enthusiast, there are many trail options to venture on (walking or cycling), horseback riding, zip lines, kayaking, a 2.000m² sports complex with indoor activities and more. For those looking to relax, the energy of Spaventura, in addition to many massage treatments, will be right down your alley.

SUL Hotels Tip: The organic products are a trademark of Spaventura. Indulge in the food, prepared with ingredients from the hotel itself or purchased from small local farmers. There is no shame in a 2nd round of lunch, certainly worth it!


If the rooms were too simple, you would not want to spend one second in there, with so many amazing outdoor activities. So Spaventure excelled in the 2 accommodation options.

Premium Cottage

This unit has balcony with beautiful view, ceiling fan, heating, TV, minibar, telephone, in-room safe and hairdryer. It accommodates up to 3 people in a 44sqm area.

Master Cottage

The Master cottage offers the same perks as the Standard, but with additional 10sqm (54sqm total), and therefore is able to accommodate up to 4 people, with a privileged view of the lodge.


SPaventura Ecolodge accommodations feature all the comfort you need to relax. The cottages were designed targeting a unique experience of interaction with nature, causing minimal environmental impact. The “green technology” during its construction used reforested and demolition wood from the region. The water used at the hotel comes from rain caption, which is treated through integrated Biosystems and heated by solar panels.

Ibiúna, São Paulo - Brazil

SPaventura Ecolodge is located in a privileged area within the environmental protection area (APA Itupararanga) in Verava district, rural municipality of Ibiúna. With many environmental treasures, the region has 295 hectares of native Rainforest and is one of the main organic farming areas in the country.


Try the delicious regionAL products: most of the food consumed in the hotel IS organic, produced in the garden or by neighboring farmers. You can visit the garden and learn more about agriculture, learning how to make a garden at home, since it’s much harder finding natural and healthy products in the city.

The “Adventure” in the hotel’s name is not by chance: you can go cycling, horseback riding, down the zip line, go kayaking and other activities that will give you the rush you’re looking for. Enjoy nature, exploring all the treks, waterfalls and lakes in the property. To relax after a day with so many activities, a massage is the best option.


SPaventura is easily accessible, being only 75km from São Paulo, an easy 2h drive from São Paulo international airport.