In a mythical island populated only by picturesque fishing villages is Tierra Chiloe, a hotel suspended from the ground by wood stilts, where all rooms have a great view of the island and the blue waters of Northern Chilean Patagonia. All this natural beauty is surrounded by a sense of exclusivity, since the island is isolated from the rest of civilization. The beauty of the place is also in its culture and traditions, preserved to this day. At Tierra Chiloé you can also navigate on the Wiliche, a luxurious boat exclusive to the hotel.

SUL Hotels TIP: Kayakynig through the Rilán Bay is a must for those who enjoy beautiful scenery and adventure!



All the rooms at Chiloé are marked by a strong, rich cultural identity represented in every detail, including the common areas. The rooms have 30sqm, and can feature one double bed or two single beds, all with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and the Chiloé archipelago. Located in the hotel edges are two rooms that fit an extra bed.


With only 12 apartments, the property follows in the footsteps of Tierra Atacama and Tierra Patagonia, offering unforgettable experiences and personalized service to guests. At Tierra Chiloé you will have a boat at your disposal to navigate through the archipelago, getting to know its true roots, amidst incredible austral fjords.

The hotel decor is inspired by local culture, 100% made by local artisans and full of colorful fine materials, with authentic geometric avant-garde design.

Chiloé Island, Patagonia - Chile

A hospitable place with friendly people, Chiloé archipelago collects fans from all around the World. The recipe is the same and works every time: you visit and fall in love with it. The Spanish colonizers were dazzled and soon the Jesuit missions and various types of European settlers arrived to Chiloé. Currently the island attracts visitors from around the world, who seek to know more about the place mystiques and culture. Its unique architecture features colonial churches that have been declared as Heritage of Humanity.

Life and culture of the chilotes people are determined by nature: rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, creeks, and especially the sea, which provides fishing, shellfish culture and navigation. The locally produced handicrafts are also a highlight amongst visitors, as Chiloé artisans are recognized by their skills in basketry, stone fireplaces and handwoven wool fabrics.

When it comes to gastronomy, Chiloé offers a varied cuisine, with the curanto as the highlight: seafood, fish, potatoes and meat are cooked together in a hole on the ground, on top of burning rocks. The oysters that come from Caulín farms are also remarkable.

In Chiloé you can enjoy beautiful landscapes thanks to its irregular geography, dominated by green hills and calm waters on the East side, and the vast Pacific Ocean, strongly hitting the rocks on the Western shore. This rich biodiversity scenario impressed Charles Darwin back in the 19th century.


Relax and forget the outter world: you are in a unique place! With an indescribable natural beauty, Tierra Chiloe reserves a deep immersion in local history and culture. You can go on beautiful treks, kayak through Rilán Bay or navigate aboard the Wiliche, the exclusive boat owned by Tierra.


There are several flight options to arrive at Puerto Montt airport. From there, you will go a fun ferry ride through the Chacao channel which ends at a meeting point from where you take a van to the hotel. From the airport, it’s a total 3h transfer.

There is also an airport at Chiloé island, in the city of Castro, 20min away from the hotel. This airport also receives commercial flights certain days of the week, and private jets.