Roberto Farkas Bitelman and Clara Davies are the leading team of SUL Hotels, both with a business background and vast knowledge in personalized trips and hospitality, especially in Latin America. For 10 years, Roberto was in charge of the commercial are in a tour operator, focused on tailor-made itineraries and sophisticated experiences across the continent. Clara, meanwhile, built her career in the hotel industry through some of the major icons of independent hotels in Brazil, focused on providing outstanding experiences.

Many different hotels, but all with one major thing in common: best possible experience.

Over the past few years, they have been in some of the best (and most hidden) destinations in Latin America, panning true local gems, always looking to offer the best experiences, making each traveler feel like a part of the explored region, integrated with its typical features.

Throughout this experience, Clara and Roberto realized that, despite the high number of hotels and small boats that offer excellent services and structure, it was difficult to gather them in a select group. SUL Hotels was born, therefore, in order to gather the best products, becoming a unanimous reference for those looking for unforgettable experiences in a multifaceted land such as Latin America.

What do we do?

Hotel Selection

SUL Hotels handpicks the best experiences in Latin America.


Through well stablished business relationship with the trade as well as with opinion formers, and through marketing initiatives.

Exclusive Events

Approximateing the hotel to the local trade, creating new business opportunities.